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The Distiller is a podcast about the soul of work.

In this short preview clip, host Brandon Dawson talks about what you can expect from The Distiller in coming weeks. Listen in to this short preview, and be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, to be sure you get the first and every episode of The Distiller as soon as it’s available.

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We’re very excited, and we hope you like what we’re cooking up for you.


Episode Zero Transcript (click to view)

Hi everyone, my name is Brandon Dawson and I’m the host of a new podcast called The Distiller. A podcast about the soul of work.

I’m what you call a generalist… I’ve been a radio DJ, a carpenter, a teacher, a production welder, the president of an ad agency, the CEO of a startup… I have what some people call “lack of focus” but it’s really just a fascination with what people do, and why they do it.

Every episode of The Distiller is a conversation about how we find meaningful work, and how we find meaning in the work we do. It’s less of an interview and more of a relaxed discussion about how we spend our lives, and the choices we make about our work. In the first few episodes you’ll hear the former owner of a neighborhood general store talk about striking out on a new path, in a new town. We talk with a married couple with a difficult past, about finding sobriety, and each other, in running a killer neighborhood bike shop. We explore creative work with two longtime musical collaborators, and we talk about the business of saving lives with the director of a major university hospital’s air care and mobile rescue team.

Every episode is recorded somewhere new… on location at the places conversations like these happen… bars, restaurants, places of business. And, as generally happens, we’re usually drinking something interesting while we talk. Hey, everyone does something for a living, and every story is different. The Distiller is all about finding out why we do what we do, and how the work we do defines us. You can find The Distiller on apple podcasts, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and online at The

I hope you’ll listen in, subscribe, and follow along with us as we explore the soul of work.  Right here, on The Distiller.

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