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Lauren Worley is “all-in” on everything she does.

Lauren Worley has perhaps the most immediately impressive resume of anyone we’ve had on the show so far. Press Secretary for NASA. Global Talent Lead for Bono’s ONE Campaign. High-profile jobs in political strategy and public education. And most recently, Lauren has just taken a job as the Global Newsroom Leader for P&G. For Lauren the common thread is finding a job, a cause, an organization where she can bring the full force of her energy and experience to bear. Lauren looks for places her “all-in” nature can find challenges big enough to take on.

Procter and Gamble Global Newsroom Lead Lauren Worley and Distiller host Brandon Dawson share coffee and talk about meaningful work.
Talking with P&G Global Newsroom Leader Lauren Worley at Cherbourg Cyprus Bakery

In any job where you’re writing or communicating on behalf of someone else, it can be challenging to find space for your own narrative. Lauren’s extroverted nature, and her insatiable curiosity have the effect of allowing her to fully inhabit someone else’s story and make it her own. And her obvious passion and energy lend an authenticity to her work that make her impressive resume unsurprising. After all, how could anyone not want that combination working on behalf of their brand, or organization?

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And our location for this episode – Cherbourg Cyprus Bakery. Cherbourg Cyprus is an amazing gluten, nut, and dye-free bakery in Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine neighborhood, just off the historical Findlay Market square.

The Mary Poppins approach to career planning

Lauren hearkens to the fictitious nanny as someone who was 100% present at all times. But once the job was done, she had no qualms about moving on to the next task, or family, or town. For those of us who haven’t been able to find a single role, or company, or job to hang our “vocation” hat on, that’s a reassuring message.

For some people work is inherently itinerant, and the goal is to find ways to bring your whole self to what you’re doing at the time. That’s a refreshing break from the narrative of continuity, predictability, and (supposed) security that we’re often made to believe are the only acceptable definitions of career success. Lauren Worley’s journey is in inspiration that we’ll continue to watch and enjoy.

Photos: Lauren Worley at Cherbourg Cyprus Bakery

Photography for this episode by Angie Lipscomb Photography

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