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Carrie Farler Sees A Lot Of Resumes

As the “Head of People” for Paperless Post, Carrie Farler oversees all aspects of recruiting, hiring, compensation planning, and a lot of things people in the HR industry call “Performance Management.” It’s all the mysterious HR-related stuff that relates to how you get, and keep, and advance in, the job you want. And over her 10+ years in talent management and human resources for companies including Mashable and MoviePass, Carrie’s seen it all.

We talked with Carrie about her own somewhat circuitous path to the position she’s in now. Her journey from college bartender to C-level HR executive is instructive on its own. But we also talked about the insight she’s gained into how people approach their jobs. That includes interviewing and resume strategies (and mistakes). We covered how you should think about asking for, and getting, a raise. And maybe most important, we talked about the agency, the control people have in this process that they don’t often realize.

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Taking Your Career By The Horns

Corporate culture in the US today is largely designed to actively disempower individuals within the workforce. You’re more likely to take whatever they give you if you can be made to feel as though you have little to no value. If you feel lucky just to have a job at all, and fearful about your options should you lose it, then you’re not going to make waves or demand a raise. It seems to be in the best interest of many companies to keep their workforce in line, quiet, and not questioning the status quo.

But the fact is, these companies need you. Without the workforce, without the talent and capability the worker brings…the organization can’t function. Flipping your view of your value can have a significant impact on how you approach your career path, and the version of yourself you bring to interviews and performance discussions. Carrie Farler talks about how all of us can step more fully into our own capability. She gives insight into we can (and should) plot out our own career path, and advocate for ourselves… and in doing hopefully get closer to the work we actually want to do.

Paperless Post Head of People Carrie Farler on The Distiller Podcast

Photos for this episode by Kyle Wolff – Kyle Wolff Photography

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