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Julia Petiprin’s ready for the next adventure.

When she moved to Cincinnati in 2014 to open the iconic bar Sundry & Vice, she thought she’d be here a year. Open the bar, get it running, and then head back to LA. But never underestimate the seductive powers of a beautiful post-industrial Midwestern city. Fast forward five years, and Julia’s getting ready to start her second act. Her diverse background of bar tending and interior design have found their home in Cincinnati’s historic Over the Rhine neighborhood, and she’s just begun to make her mark.

After building Sundry & Vice into one of the World’s Best Bars, Julia’s ready to start something new. She and her business partner Catherine Manabat are preparing to open Homemaker’s Bar, a classic “third-place” hang with low-alcohol cocktails you can sip all day, and decor that honors “makers” of all sorts. Homemaker’s Bar is slated to open in June of 2019, but we met Julia right in the middle of the in-process construction.

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Homemaker’s Bar won’t be open until later this year, but you can follow Julia and Catherine’s progress on their website and social media pages:

Creating Spaces That Create Community

For Julia the process of conceiving, planning, and opening a new bar is about more than another place to get a drink. As a seasoned interior and hospitality designer, she’s thinking first and foremost about the experience she wants you to have when you walk in the door. From the decor, to the layout, to the lighting, to the music…and yes, to the menu. Every element is design to welcome you into a space you don’t want to leave.

Although the building was still bricks and studs when we recorded, Julia painted a picture of what Homemaker’s Bar will become. Hearing Julia describe her vision, you can’t help but imagine it coming to life. With the help of the community around them, Julia and Catherine are making their dream a reality. And come summer 2019, you’ll be able to share in that dream as well.

The Distiller Podcast with Julia Petiprin at Homemaker’s Bar

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